IQ test for kids

IQ test for kids

Phd-certified: This test is designed for young children (age from 4 to 15)

Your child is at the age of 4-15 years old. According to scientific research, it is perfect time for him/her to take part in different tests to discover the natural strengths. And result of this professional certified Child IQ test will definitely bring you an effective tool to determine your child’s intelligence – the most important power of human being.

Intended use
The IQ test for kids version is an online specially designed test for parents of young children and teenagers to measure intelligence of their children. Report will help your child not only in better self-understanding and self- awareness but also in his/her career path. Furthermore, professionals can use reports as supportive technique for job orientation, school arrangement and psychological diagnosis.

Description and Design
The IQ test for kids version has multiple choices measuring intelligence with suitable design for children of 4 – 15 years old. This multiple choice system makes it easy for online automatic scoring. A child is supposed to be concentrated and careful to finish the test. Aldults should guide their children taking test within about 30-45 minutes to acquire best reliable result.
The test, written by Dr. Johnathan k. Dempsey – Ph.D, is evaluated one of the most reliable and accurate test for measuring mental ability of children from 4 to 15 years old. Dr Johnathan Dempsey, PhD is very familiar with other famous tests, which are highly recommended and widely used by clinical psychologist in United States for such comparative analysis. He has spent 28 years in his private clinical practice for other tests and 21 years in test design, clinical construction, industrial and research test. Therefore, the test is similar to other famous tests in design and scoring for each typical age of ranging from 4 to 15.
Please kindly note that this test is for everyone regardless culture, ethnic group or nationality. This is available for any child who can access to Internet.

Report Format
Full report and certificate of intelligence quotient will be given to you as soon as you make payment for test administration fee. The report will provide you description of measured intelligence, trustworthy data, interpretation and recommendations for achieved scores. Scores are reported both in IQ total and in percentile levels.
Norms: the test norms are regularly updated on basis of current 1398221 test samples of children all over the world. Regardless of gender, scores are based on comparison among test takers of the same age.

Parents always expect to get a deep insight into their child’s thoughts and emotions, real strengths and weaknesses. Only by understanding clearly their child’s ability can parents fully support their beloved one in academic and social develpment. There’s exisiting concern that school’s result is not enough to reflect a child’s ability in different aspects of life and whether the chosen school and study programme are best for their child. Therefore, parents should encourage their child to take IQ test together with other forms of test as soon as possible. By doing like that, parents are helping their child to determine his/her aptitude or weakness. As a result, best decision will be made to choose which kind of academic programme and which school their child should follow. This child IQ test is here as the most effective availabe way for this strategic purpose.
Previously, it took about $224 to $455 for one basic IQ test by a licensed psychologist. So it was not only time-consuming but very costly, and only weathy parents could afford it. Now, the story is different. Children all over the world can enjoy benefits of taking this IQTFK test version. Let take IQTFK test version now and use the result to lead your child’s life on the right track.


1. IQ test for kids includes 36 (60) questions and it is scored automatically after 25 (30) minutes.
2. If your kid finds two logical answers to one question he/she should choose the simplest answer.
3. Wrong answers do not influence your result – so guess rather than omit a question!
4. Please DO NOT share or publish answers at any time with any other person.
5. Reliability of the test is 99.14%, the calculation of IQ is based on answers from more than 659,000 children.
6. Good luck!

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